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Default Simmons QB rankings

1c. Peyton Manning
You could have talked me into throwing Manning into the previous tier, but that means (a) we would have lost the Heaven Can Wait reference (underrated '70s movie), (b) I wouldn't have been able to mention Warren Beatty (shockingly competent as a QB), and (c) we would have been living a lie. Why? Because post–neck surgery Peyton Manning hasn't beaten ANYBODY yet. Check it out.

Losses: Houston, Atlanta, New England.
Wins: Oakland (twice), San Diego (twice), Kansas City, Cincy, Carolina, Tampa, New Orleans, Pittsburgh.

Look, it's been a brilliant comeback; it's been incredibly entertaining to have him back. I'd actually vote for Manning for "Most Valuable Player" (through 14 weeks) just because it took Manning less than three months to transform them into 2005 Colts West. But can we see Denver beat one good team before we officially nudge The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Noodle into that Brady/Rodgers group? Win in Baltimore on Sunday and we can talk. Regardless, I thought this was Manning's finest season: He reinvented himself in a different city while playing the single most complicated position in any sport AND learning the strengths and weaknesses of an entirely new crew of teammates AND figuring out his own post-surgery limitations AND dealing with the mental strain of knowing that one brutal hit could ruin him … and he did this on the fly. And Sports Illustrated picked LeBron for Sportsman of the Year? Come on.
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