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I like the list (and what it probably means considering the holiday season!) but I agree with some tid bits:

1. Champ should be higher in my eyes. Hard to argue against him being #2.
2. I love that you have Rod Smith in the top 5. He's my favorite Bronco ever so I love when he gets the appreciation he deserves playing at such a high level with 3 QB's. 4 If you count Kannel and Berlein... ugh
3. Zimmerman should be higher.
4. Wish it was a general Broncos list, as Tom Jackson, Gradishar, Wright, Fletcher should all be on there, but you did a cut off, and I can respect that.
5. Tebow will always have a special place in my Broncos heart, but he's way too high in my eyes.

Nice list!
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