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Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
I think there is more gun control by choice today than by Political Practice. This I agree with wholeheartedly. However I fear the country that allows those with power to decide how those out of power get to defend themselves. It is a bad practice any way you slice it. More unarmed citizens have been killed by their armed govt than will ever be killed by armed crazy people. It really boils down to how long you think this country will last and stay free. If you think forever than you deny that every govt fails. If you think past your lifetime than you should be good and only your offspring will be in trouble.

I care for my family and reserve the right to do so as violently as it requires.
I would personally love to see every US citizen or resident be required to take a firearms safety class when they turn 18. At the same time that we have to register for the draft. I think this would be the type of regulation that should not deter actual gun ownership, but could reap many benefits.

I also have a hard time understanding how its so much harder to get a license (you must take a test both written and actual use), buy a vehicle, get it registered and get insurance than it is to get a gun. There is no testing requirement for owning a weapon.
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