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Originally Posted by st.bernard View Post
It is a truly sad thing that happened. As a father and step-father, it only breaks my heart. But, I do honestly feel that there is a breakdown in our society. A whole list of social ill's that are endemic to what our society has become. No personal responsibility is a biggie. People refusing to get jobs, just living off the public dole. The entire idea of gun control though makes me want to puke. The forefathers of our country I honestly believe would go apoplectic if they could see what we have turned this country into. A person in an earlier thread pointed out the breakdown of families and families eating together. This would be an excellent starting point. Social values have completely broken down. Case in point. Colorado just passed the pot law making maryijuana legal. Really? Violance in everything. We glorify war. The gaming industry makes a great living off of violence. Call of Duty anyone? Gaming is just that, gaming. But it is so pervasive. Parental oversight of our kids. Corporal punishment is frowned on. I do believe that our society has come of the tracks and not sure that it will ever get back on. There are just so many things wrong with society's values today. And, the loss of these values is coming at the top of our government also. Call me old fashioned. But, since I rambled on, mainly from anger and grief at what happened, my thoughts are with those that suffered devastating losses yesterday morning. At Christmas. Peace everyone.
In every generation somebody makes this same lament, that the values and mores of society are breaking down. There was a famous one written by Plato, and another about fifteen hundred years later by Juvenal. Both complained that the young were turning away from the gods and the values of their forefathers. As Vonnegut used to say, "And so it goes."
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