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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by BroncsRule View Post
WHO we would play was locked in by decisions made years ago, and our seed from last year.

WHEN we would play them, and in what order, was decided in April.
There's a large number of people in the media who have been arguing the schedule was perfect. Like how the last three games are easier for us than all three of the teams ahead of us in the seeding.

They argue that having an easy schedule the rest of the way allowed Denver to get in rhythm. Also consider the Chargers, who usually play better later in the season, were off our schedule by October. And we got the Chiefs at home in December, when usually we have to go there and lose. They didn't know the Chiefs were going to suck. We got Tampa and the Saints at home, a crappy Raider team on our short week on the road, and now the Ravens with ten days off. That's pretty favorable.

I would have liked to see the "hard games" later in the season, but it is what it is. Everyone said we had the hardest schedule in the league in preseason. I said over and over the schedule looks different after a few weeks of play than it did in March. We had a tough first few games, came out 3-3, and then got the easier part.

I think the schedule had some tough elements but it has some elements that really helped us. So I call it a wash. I don't believe the cigarette man made this schedule to destroy us, though.
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