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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Okay, I'm a believer in Lotulelei, he almost dominated Khaled Holmes. The dude has long arms, he's got great upper body strength and hand placement, and quick feet. A much more active DT than you would expect out of a 320 lb. guy.

You would like to see more production, but it's kind of hard when your Utah's best player (by far). It looks like a lot of teams kind of just schemed around him. Probably about as sure a bet at DT as your going to get in pretty much any draft. Would be sweet if he was a Bronco, oh well.

He's a good communicator too, and would fit in well with any group of guys in the NFL.

My bad dudes...couldn't watch video earlier today. I will reserve judgement on players until AFTER the eye-test next time. Lesson learned.

Seriously...Mitt Romney would be proud.
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