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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Or how about these claims?

Crazy how a guy with two career college sacks can have 4 already in the NFL, and how the slowest of the top 5 RBs could be 4th in the WHOLE NFL in rushing.
1. I never said Brockers was going to be a bad player. I would have picked him at 25 had he still been on the board. Brockers didn't have a big sample size to choose from, so it was kind of hard with him, based on the limited video that we had available. Even so, no one (not even me) had him dropping to the Broncos at 25.

2. Never said Martin was going to be a bad player either. I simply pointed out that 4.55 RB's aren't normally picked in the 1st round. 31 other teams agreed with me, 1 team didn't. Martin has been good, but his stats wouldn't be nearly as impressive without the bloated game against the Raiders JV Defense. The Broncos shut him down pretty easily. Martin is also 3rd in the NFL in attempts. Give McGahee, Knowshon, or even Hillman 325 rushing attempts and they might be top 5 in rushing too.

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Jones looks just fine.
Sorry, still don't like him. Clady shut him out, as expected...and Jones is oft-injured, as expected. If you can't get more than 6 sacks out of your RDE 1st round draft pick, then I wouldn't consider it a major hit. Wolfe (at DT) would have better stats than Jones (at DE) if not for Von Miller... Patriots are at the bottom of the league in sacks, and play in a wimpy division. Jones is over-hyped and has a big mouth. Hate everything Patriots.
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