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Originally Posted by c_lazy_r View Post
Your argument about you being "driven from belief" is predicated on the the fact that dying is a bad thing. What if it's not? What if the people that died were, in fact, rewarded in death?

I have 5 kids and, God forbid, anything like this happened to them, I pray that I'd have the strength to believe they were in a better place. That they were chosen because of their belief and being rewarded.
I think it's okay, and good for families to think their children are in a better place and that they will see them again. If this belief helps these poor parents to cope, or gives them any sense of hope and faith to live on, then great.

With that said however, I reject the notion that a life ever taken away is ever a "reward" from god. If these children were chosen to be shot and brutally murdered in that way, it's not a god I'd want to believe in. Religion is a complicated issue, and one in which each person believes differently. I can respect that.

But life is precious, even if there is an afterlife. We shouldn't minimize the huge loss of life by using the word "rewarded." Not to mention, these kids at their young ages most likely never even had chance to "find" themselves and what they truly believe. So to say they were being "rewarded" for their belief seems wrong.

This is just a truly devastating and awful event. One of many that occur frequently around the planet, and in our country. Violence happens every day around the world. Maybe not at this level, but it still happens. So let's put the blame of this on our violent culture and mental illness where it should be and not anything else. People who are claiming it's due to "godlesness" are obviously idiots and ignorant to all of the violence stemming from religion throughout history. Furthermore, to those talking about free will, you can't believe in free will when a gunman decides to murder children, and then say god just wanted them in a better place. How does that make sense?

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