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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
I'm not religious but your "argument" dumbs down the concept of god to fit your disdain for the concept. You're far more intelligent that I am, and you know that almost all religions believe god created man with free will.

I'm not going to get into god here because I don't feel the need to justify any belief I may have, or denigrate yours.

But I am going to leave this thread, as it's clear that in typical fashion... people are using the death's of children to advance their own political agendas.

It has nothing to do with politics. I'm serious about it. Whether humans have free will or not, a benevolent god cannot sit by and watch such things happen. This is what drove me from belief. This kind of disregard for evil. The last straw for me was the tsunami in Japan. A school was swept away with something like 64 children in it. That's when I stop buying into it.
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