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Matt Prater

When you only have 5 non-division away games each year, it's pretty hard to have a ton of tough games. 2 or 3 tough ones is average and they had Seattle and Baltimore this year. Doesn't get much tougher to play on the road than those two.

And, given when the schedule comes out, there's only so much you can do. Who knows who's really going to be good and bad. And you can't predict injuries or just outright team implosions.

The reason NE always seems to have such an easy schedule is because of their division. The other three teams, outside of 2 good years from the Jets, have sucked hard for the last 10+ years. Add to that the fact that at least one or two of the teams in whatever NFC division you're playing are probably going to suck, and that's half the season right there.
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