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Chris Harris

Yeah, the Patriots sure don't get alot of tough road games. They seem to get a good handful of decent teams each year but hardly any real nutbusters. I can't remember the last time anybody thought the Patriots had a demanding schedule. For a team that usually has 12+ wins every year, that's pretty silly.

(I left out division games because you play away and on the road the same teams every year, duh....and the bye week)


Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens
@ San Diego Chargers
Minnesota Vikings
@ Cleveland Browns
@ Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts
@ Detroit Lions
@ Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers


San Diego Chargers
at Oakland Raiders
Dallas Cowboys
at Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Giants
Kansas City Chiefs
at Philadelphia Eagles
Indianapolis Colts
at Washington Redskins
at Denver Broncos


@ Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals
@ Baltimore Ravens
Denver Broncos
@ Seattle Seahawks
@ St Lous Rams
Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans
San Francisco 49'ers
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