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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
The root cause of all societal ill is lack of parenting... especially from the father. How about we make it as tough to father kids as it is to buy a handgun from a retail store?
Unbelievably sad day for our country.

Agreed doc. I'm not sure sure being born with a pecker means you have the right to breed. I've said it before. When you adopt a dog from the pound they at least interview you and some of them even check your property. Any dude with a pecker can spread his seed and walk away no questions asked.

On a serious note I think the problem isn't so much as gun control as the mental health of our nation. Not sure what policy is now but years ago someone had to be a danger to themselves or others before someone could be admitted against their will for healthcare. Maybe that's changed. Bottom line is we have a lot of sick people walking around.
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