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I agree that the break down of the family is the root cause of these types of deplorable acts but how to you implement something like you suggest.
I've actually heard a good deal about this o'er the last year or so. Some sociologist-type of bloke named Charles Murray penned a book detailing the rupture between cultural elite America and cultural lowerclass America. Basically how rich, white yuppies still get married and engage with their respective religious institutions, etc., whereas poorer, blue-collar whites are increasingly forming an underclass of single parents and endemic unemployment, etc. The irony in it is how the elites see themselves as drivers of social policy, and that social policy o'er the last 30-40 years has been one that tears at the traditional social fabric of society: marriage, childbirth, religion, and industriousness have all been frequent targets of progressives for years, even though it turns out they aren't taking their own advice. I guess the theory is economic stratification and societal malaise might be sizably affected by cultural causes like primacy of the family unit.
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