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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Since February 2, 1996, there have been 259 people shot or killed in other countries around the world in these type of shootings.....meanwhile 398 people have been shot or killed in the US.

Keep in mind that there were several US shootings that while they happened on school grounds weren't really "school shootings" per a few were gang related killings, arguments over a ex-girlfriend screwing a new guy or disgruntled employee who shot the principal, etc...but I counted them anyways. One of the murders was a 6 yr. old who was shot by a classmate who was also 6 yrs. old....

what does it all mean...nothing I guess other than this happens around the world more than people on here have claimed.

considering the rest of the world vs little old USA this takes the winds out of the sails of the anti gun nuts..

thanks for the research..
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