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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
This is for all of you self righteous far left liberals.
how many of you will admit to having a gaming console with at least one shootem up game on them? Sorry I do not know the games out there today so fill in the blanks..

IMO those are the games that have driven society farther into the toilet .

I have yet to attend a Conceal Carry License class that does not teach gun responsibility, safety and sanity..

Had a parent or teacher had a CCL and been armed could any of that been stopped?

Posting a sign saying guns or from that matter weapons of any sort are not allowed is silly.. it will not stop things like this from happening.. If anything it empowers those nut jobs..

A video game is not the reason people decide to murder someone. To say violent games = more violent people is simplistic. Banning guns, banning video games, banning movies or books or music does not suddenly make the violence stop. People are violent, our history is littered with pain and destruction and inflicted misery. That existed before guns and games. It will exist 1,000 years from now.

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