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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Man in China today stabbed 22 school children.
Children it's just sicking to think this kids had no chance

Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
Forking a person to death is a different mental process than polling a trigger. If you can't see the difference between killing with drones or your bare hands, you're probably also unwilling to deal with this problem from any psychological perspective.
See post quoted above yours.. knife or fork just about the same they can inflict death or maiming on kids....

BTW nimrood I used a fork as an example.. Weapons are available everywhere.. a gallon of gas and a blasting cap or even a firecracker kills more..

for that matter a gallon of gas and a match, something you can get at the 7-11 down the street on your way to the school.. NO FBI background check is necessary..
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