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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Haloti Ngata - 6'041" 338 lbs., 37 bench reps and long arms (12th overall pick 2006)
61 tackles, 3 sacks as a Senior (huge jump in tackle production from his Junior year, when he had 46)

Star Lotulelei - 6'031" 320 lbs.
42 tackles, 5 sacks as a Senior (same tackle production in Senior and Junior years, which suggests he may have plateaued)

Like I said, in a normal year, Lotulelei would be a late 1st round pick (20-32).

In 2012, Cox, Poe, and Brockers, all would still have been picked before Lotulelei had he come out that year.

Can you imagine their stats if they all stayed in college one more year and came out in 2013 like Lotulelei? They still would have been picked before him.

If video shows that he's destroying guys off the ball on a consistent basis, then he's definitely worthy of a 1st round pick. But saying he's "the best DT since Ngata" is a little off.

Raji, Watt, Dareus, and Fairley were all better DT prospects than Lotulelei without question.

Raji - 2-gapping NT with great penetration
Watt - Stat killer in college, physical freak DT/DE
Dareus - 2-gapping DT with great penetration as an underclassmen in the 3-4
Fairley - Uncanny foot speed, and elite stats as a 1-gapping UT in the 4-3.
How can you say anyone is better if you have never watched him play?!!!
Your basing his game on TACKLES? He plays DT not MLB! Paul Soliai never has great stats, but he's the reason the Dolphins have such a good run D. Yet his tackles do not reflect his dominance. Stats don't always tell the whole story. I have watched this guy for years, you can probably find some of my posts on the Colts forum where I talked this kid up. My name was Bmore Colt on there.

I actually evaluate the players on the eye test, your reading his stat line, yet you are saying people are better?

He is better than everyone you named! And it's not even close! Yes he is the next Nagta, he pushes the pocket, stops the run, he does everything you could want in a DT. He is the best DT prospect in years, write it down and watch his tape!!!
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