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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Most hardened criminals already purchase their weapons through illicit means, and while it might reduce these kinds of shootings somewhat, it won't fix gun crime in general. If anything it will simply expose many law abiding citizens to more gun violence.
and most hardened criminals don't shoot up elementary schools.

the reason your movie-fantasy "hardened criminal" is able to purchase firearms through illicit means is because there are hundreds of millions of legally made, legally purchased guns in the United States. that's the end of the story. that's the reality.

expose law abiding citizens, yeah, right. because so often you hear of victims leaving this reality to enter a movie world where they are threatened only to jump behind a trash can, pull out their piece, and take down all the bad guys. so often you hear of potential criminals backing out of a life of crime because they're like yo, man, old man winters might be packin, I'm not risking it. no, what you hear about is is old man winters leaving his drawer unlocked so little boy winters can accidentally kill himself. what you hear about are young people in poor neighborhoods taking their legally owned guns and fleeing to the streets in order to have a better shot. what you hear about are disagreements leading to tragedies because one or more of the parties in question happen to own firearms. what you hear about are prisons packed with more black people than schools are. it's not worth it, I'm sorry.

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