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Originally Posted by sinuous sausage View Post
this is assuming ppl don't believe guns can protect and deter from violent aggression. that they're crucial to living independently and well.

gun control is more like palliative care geared towards ephemeral comfort than any kind of actual healing.
guns are not crucial to anything. you don't hunt for sustenance, you go buy your food at wal mart and then dream about hunting for sustenance. you don't protect your neighbors from black people violent sociopaths, you dream about the possibility of protecting your neighbors from violent sociopaths, so that you can then pretend you are a hero. there is no independence here. there is only fantasy. the gun represents an extension of the way you see yourself. find a new representation, because the reality of this fantasy is that people who actually do think about shooting living things in terms of reality are aided by your narcissism.

your post above is a pretty good one. where it doesn't veer into apology for a certain lifestyle, I think you are right. but if your argument is that guns deter from violent aggression, you will have to ask yourself, and genuinely believe the answer, whether or not the presence of a gun on the person of a victim or possible victim has ever saved as many lives as were just lost today, never mind all other days. we hear stories about violent people shooting up public places twice a year. have you ever heard a story about a violent person attempting to shoot up a public place, only he was stopped by your average fantasy suburbanite packing heat? and do you truly believe that the people vehemently against gun regulation are against it because they truly believe that guns are a net good? or do they just want to have a gun because guns are ****ing cool?
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