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this is true

but treating the symptoms is also what every doctor in the world does, and is in fact taught to do. kind of sucks, but its also kind of effective, kind of necessary, and certainly better than nothing. there comes a point where the childish whims of caprice and the irrational bonds of selfish self-identification are simply no longer worth it. losing your little toys, codified as a tragedy because someone with money in the market told you (general you) it was about the constitution, which you or I don't actually care about, is simply Not A Big Deal. you still got trucks and beer and the R lever. make do. we have too many guns in this country, and those guns shoot people who then die. one step at a time.
I personally don't own any guns. But if you think that gun control is going to fix things you are delusional. Most hardened criminals already purchase their weapons through illicit means, and while it might reduce these kinds of shootings somewhat, it won't fix gun crime in general. If anything it will simply expose many law abiding citizens to more gun violence.
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