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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
This isn't about guns people. This is about the degrading mental health of people in the modern world. Who knows what the solution is, but getting rid of guns is trying to treat the symptom rather than the disease.
this is true

but treating the symptoms is also what every doctor in the world does, and is in fact taught to do. kind of sucks, but its also kind of effective, kind of necessary, and certainly better than nothing. there comes a point where the childish whims of caprice and the irrational bonds of selfish self-identification are simply no longer worth it. losing your little toys, codified as a tragedy because someone with money in the market told you (general you) it was about the constitution, which you or I don't actually care about, is simply Not A Big Deal. you still got trucks and beer and the R lever. make do. we have too many guns in this country, and those guns shoot people who then die. one step at a time.

the real reason serious gun regulation will never happen in this country is because there is too much money moving around, which is the exact same reason anything that ever does or does not happen does, in fact, happen or not happen. we have to take responsibility for the society we live in. part of that is guns. part of that is money. part of that is our social makeup, which breeds the kind of alienation and destabilization that leads to these kinds of things with frightening and growing regularity. I'm sick of it. the now-standard response of mourn-the-victims-on-TV/forget-the-killer/argue-about-easily-defined-political-issues cycle that follows these events is a cancer, it is a means of writing everything off as an acceptable loss so that we can have a reason to go do what we were going to do anyway. it is about narcissism, about making everything about our own whims and pre-installed belief systems.

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