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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
This draft has a lot of good players on the defensive side of the ball. I think it is weak at several positions, very strong in others.
1) QB - Super weak, no QB's worthy of a top 10 selection
2) RB - Super weak, none of the RB's even have 4.4 speed, probably none will be 1st rounders
3) C - Weak, none even considered 1st rounders
4) OG - Average, Barrett Jones grades out at the top for me, a few guys worthy of late 1st round picks.
5) OT - Average, will have to see the footspeed on some of these guys, but looks like several 1st round picks as per usual
6) WR - Weak, Williams and Austin aren't really what you would call elite talents and won't go top 15...though they could turn out to be Pro Bowlers
7) DT - Average, deep class, but no elite prospects
8) DE - Don't know
9) ILB - Normal - Te'o would be picked 15-30 in a normal year, nobody is better than him in this class
10) OLB - Don't know, but doesn't look particularly strong if Ogletree and Moseley are being talked about in the 1st round
11) CB - Average, no elite prospects with 4.3 speed
12) Safety - Below Average, if Elam and Reid come out then it's an average class...if not it sucks.

Weak draft overall.
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