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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
1) I'm sick of your insults, so cut the crap.
2) You think he's better than Dareus (who was a top 5 pick)?
3) It's a super-crappy draft, so all the players will be drafted significantly higher this year, than in other years.
4)My evaluation is only based on production and physical size, so far...still have to complete the other two phases of his evaluation, so lay off.
Price, there is an abundance of DT talent in this draft... So much better than last seasons!

Star is probably the best DT to come out since Haloti Ngata..
How could you possibly view him as a late first round pick?
I called this kid when I first joined this forum as the stud to watch.. You can probably do a search with my username and "Star".. I am so confident that he will be a star in this league, no pun intended.

What do you base your analysis on?
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