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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
If someone wants to kill they will find a gun. They aren't going to just bottle up their evil and say "**** it. I can't find a gun so I guess I won't shoot anyone."
Sometimes this is true, sometimes not. There are plenty of crimes of passion, in which the perpetrator would have chosen an alternate resolution if a gun had not been readily available. Look at the Jovan Belcher mess. He and his lady get into a fight about who the real baby-daddy is, and, oh look there are guns laying all over the house.

If it is harder to acquire assault weapons, it will at least take longer for people to acquire them. That leaves time for them to reconsider, or from someone to notice and intervene.

I agree that more effective gun control is not the ultimate answer to all of violent crime problems, nor is the prevalence of guns the cause of our violent crime problems. I do believe having more effective gun control reduces the frequency and severity of gun violence.

Destigmatizing and encouraging mental health care is our best answer, IMO, but we still have way too many guns.
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