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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
To everyone in the NFL and college football, Star is a consensus Top 10 selection, probably Top 5. To pricejj, he is barely a first-rounder. Wonder who is ****ed in the head. Odds are he hasn't seen Star play in five full games, yet is willing to make a ridiculously retarded assessment on him. He would think he knows more than people in the NFL. He thinks he has the health care problem all figured out too.
1) I'm sick of your insults, so cut the crap.
2) You think he's better than Dareus (who was a top 5 pick)?
3) It's a super-crappy draft, so all the players will be drafted significantly higher this year, than in other years.
4)My evaluation is only based on production and physical size, so far...still have to complete the other two phases of his evaluation, so lay off.

Put it this way, I don't think Lotulelei is anywhere close to Dareus based on his age/production at similar points in their career. Dareus dominated in the SEC as a So./Jr. in a 3-4. Lotulelei did okay as a Senior in a 4-3 in the PAC-12. Big difference.

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