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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
College stats, what a end all way to fail at drafting.
Completely false.

A player has to have production, physical ability to succeed at their position... AND pass the eye test. I do all three for each player I evaluate. I'm only partially done with Lotulelei, but from what I can see, he appears to be a 2-down, run-stuffing 4-3 NT. I don't think he has the talent to make a Pro Bowl...which is what I want to see out of a 1st round pick. However, if he's strong (>30 bench reps), I would may comfortable picking him at the bottom of the 1st round in a poor draft, depending on who else is available.

Pacific Islanders (like him) sometimes have short arms (Paea), but are usually strong, so I will be looking out for that when it becomes available. If Lotulelei has long arms, I would definitely consider him worthy of a late 1st round pick (20-32 range), but his lack of multi-year elite production in college indicates he'll probably just be an average player in the NFL.

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