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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The Tiger comparison is interesting. Really, RG3 saying he doesn't want his race to be an issue is kind of what we're going for, right? But then you see comments like these where the Black community takes pride in their racial distinctiveness and believes a certain set of behaviors and dress equate to being part of that community.

Shouldn't it not matter? I kind of get what Jason in LA is saying - that there is a perception that Tiger eschewed his black heritage seemingly out of disdain or embarrassment - like he was rejecting it because he was too good for it now. But really how is that different than what Rob Parker is doing just on a more extreme scale? He has more criteria, but the overall message is the same: To be a black person you need to do "whatever" and that has to be consistent with how we are or you're a sellout/uncle Tom.

I think it cuts both ways. Successful minorities have to ballance being succesful and fighting for a world that doesn't see race as anything other than a genetic marking, but then if they don't tout their herritage enough the way the community thinks, they are criticized. You can't have all these things that make you a distinct people and then complain about not being accepted.
I'd say that it is true for any race or group, that when an individual from that group succeeds where that groups usually doesn't, people from that group have a sense of pride. For black folks, we love the Williams sisters. When Tiger Woods hit the scene, we were all in. Obama is damn near a saint.

Think of Jeremy Lin, he was, and probably still is, huge in the Asian communities. So was Yao Ming.

Mexicans are always going to support Mexican boxers.

I'd say that white folks liked seeing Payton Hillis rush for 1,000 yards.

There is nothing wrong with any of that.

A black QB is still huge in the black community. Even though there are more black QBs than ever, and it is far less of an issues as it was in the past, actually, it's not really even an issue anymore, most QBs are still white. It just it what it is, and there is nothing wrong with that. So black folks are loving RG3, and there is nothing wrong with that. I did feel that it was time to get off Michael Vick, even though a lot of black folks stayed on that bandwagon. I never thought he was a good QB, and then the dog fighting. It was time to stop supporting that guy.

With Rob Parker's comments about RG3, I'd say that he was out of line because RG3 has not shown that he isn't "down with us." He's educated and has a white girlfriend. I see nothing wrong with that (the educated part is great, the white girlfriend, to each his own). He wants to be compared to the best, not just other black QBs. I love that. He's a Republican. My pops is a Republican, and all his friends are black.

I feel bad for RG3 that the topic was brought up without him showing that he was trying to separate himself from being black. Parker was wrong for bringing that up on a national show. If he wants to talk about that in the barber shop, or off the airwaves, so be it. But he shouldn't have said that in front of a national audience, whether on TV, radio, or in print.

Now Tiger Woods, the way Kaylor phrased it, "eschewed his black heritage seemingly out of disdain or embarrassment - like he was rejecting it because he was too good for it now," that's the way I see it, and I don't like it. That doesn't mean that I hate the guy, or wish bad things for him. I could care less. I'm just not a fan. I don't need him to act black (certainly don't need him to do the crip walk like Serena did). But if he had some pride in being black (as well as other ethnic groups that he's a part of), I'd be a fan of his on some level.
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