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[QUOTE=Kid A;3753284]I totally agree on the importance of strengthening the family unit and everything you said. I just don't agree with cutthemdown that "getting God back in schools" is the solution to such a deep problem; that seems like a simplistic, politically convenient stance to take when so much evidence points to the issues arising from broken homes.

I think many of the statements here today are over simplistic such as "Get a God back in school", this is a religion problem, this is just an American problem and Europe has it better, and crime rates saying we're just like the fifties. It's world wide, for every religious variable there exists a counter secular issue, and crime rates are highly political and manipulated so who knows what is true.

What I do know is there a lot of lost, isolated, scared, and scarred people out there. Religious freaks and secular sickos. You want good kids and citizens be a good parent and citizen yourself. Take care of your kids. Stay with your wives and visa versa. Have sit down dinners and asked your kids how they are doing. Ask the neighborhood kids how they are doing. let them know Being kind is cool. Say hi to your neighbors and strangers. Volunteer at your local schools. Read a book to some students. Fellas, how about joining Watch D.O.G.S. and if your kids school doesn't have it, bring it to the principal attention. Google it. It's a program that promotes dads, granddad, and other male figures involvement in schools, and school safety. You guys are mad, then lets do something. How about mentoring in schools. Our choice if we go to church or not, where we live, if we believe in gun rights, whatever, but its also our choice how we take care of kids and our neighbors. Get mad and do something about this crap.
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