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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post

6. I think the DT draft is potentially extremely deep. Lotulelei and Nix are Top 15 picks. Richardson, Jenkins, and Hankins should all go in the Top 25. Short, the Williams Trio, and Floyd could all go Late 1 to Mid 2. Spence, Logan, and Hill should all go from Late 2 - Mid 3. And if McCullers and Geathers come out, they could go in that range as well. Those two are expected to stay though. You can't trivialize the importance of size to the DT position. Parcells' Planet Theory is a key concept. Especially, if they're talking about eliminating cut blocks. Which would then put the entire onus on size and power in trench play. The fact that so many athletic big men could be available in one draft is a phenomenon, which would make this one of the best DT drafts in history on that factor alone.
As you 4-3 NT's aren't the hottest commodities in the world (and shouldn't be). Typically, run-stuffing NT's go in the 2nd round. This is a crappy draft (all talent considered)...and is full of run-stuffing 4-3 NT's. Not all measurable's are known about each player yet, so I will reserve full judgement until after the combine...but as of now, I don't consider any of the DT's in this year's class an IMPACT player.

All initial draft projections are based on the 2012 draft (or an average draft). The 2013 draft is EXTREMELY weak, thus all players will be picked higher than normal.

Star Lotulelei - 6'031" 320 lbs - 22 years old
Senior year stats: 42 tackles, 5.0 sacks, 10 TFL's
Junior year stats: 42 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 9 TFL's

Comparison: Jerel Worthy - 6'021" 308 lbs - 21 years old (#51 overall 2012)
Junior year stats: 31 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 10.5 TFL's
Sophomore year stats: 40 tackles, 4.0 sacks, 8 TFL's

As I stated, we still need to find out how strong Lotulelei is...and how fast in short space, but all his stats indicate, that if he would have came out last year as a junior (as did Jerel Worthy), his stats would have been subpar, and he would have likely been picked at the bottom of the 2nd round.

Where I would pick him: He's got a little better size than Worthy, but probably isn't the penetrator that Worthy is. I would maybe spend a late 1st round pick on him, if he performs well at the combine. With his size, he would be decent as a 2-down run stuffer. A lot depends on his athletic ability (bench, three-cone, arm length).

NFL projection: Average starting 4-3 NT after a couple years of development

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