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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Sadly it is not that simple.

So many strong forces moving this, violence on TV, video games, movies, broken families and yes moral teaching. Availability of weapons. All contribute. Even the way the story is being covered contributes. The worst part is this seems to be occurring with more and more frequency. Unfortunately this will result in more fear based legislation rather than looking closely at the root problems and correcting them. Sad day for us all. God help us.
I've watched countless amounts of violent TV shows/movies along with countless hours of Call of Duty and other violent video games. I have never gone to a school, mall etc and shot anyone. The thought that people do this because of the violence they see in a video game or on TV is a little ignorant. Parents need to do better jobs of seeing that maybe something isn't right. For someone to do something this crazy you would have to think their are some signs.
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