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Originally Posted by tesnyde View Post
I'm a Christian and high school principal. On a personal level, I believe teaching family values would be a plus, however, the leading indicator for a student to be a success academically, socially and healthy is a complete family ; mommy and daddy still together and involved in their kids lives. If you want to take it a step further, entact families who actually have sit down dinners with each other have the highest rate of successful and well adjusted kids. So guys and gals stay together and have dinner together if you really want to provide the best statistical chance for your kids to be successful academically, socially, and healthy. The leading indicator for collegiate success is the formation/joining of a study group. College kids who join a study group have the highest statistical chance of graduating.
I totally agree on the importance of strengthening the family unit and everything you said. I just don't agree with cutthemdown that "getting God back in schools" is the solution to such a deep problem; that seems like a simplistic, politically convenient stance to take when so much evidence points to the issues arising from broken homes.

Now, even as a non-believer, I do see and respect how religion can play a role in a healthy family life. I just don't think rolling back laws to require a morning prayer in public schools is going to reverse damage of broken marriages, or violence in our culture as a whole. If religious people want to advocate using God to heal the problems in this nation, they should start by working on a community level to create marriages that last and healthy parent-child relationships, not picking a political fight to get the 10 Commandments posted in front of federal buildings.
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