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Pat Bowlen

The Tiger comparison is interesting. Really, RG3 saying he doesn't want his race to be an issue is kind of what we're going for, right? But then you see comments like these where the Black community takes pride in their racial distinctiveness and believes a certain set of behaviors and dress equate to being part of that community.

Shouldn't it not matter? I kind of get what Jason in LA is saying - that there is a perception that Tiger eschewed his black heritage seemingly out of disdain or embarrassment - like he was rejecting it because he was too good for it now. But really how is that different than what Rob Parker is doing just on a more extreme scale? He has more criteria, but the overall message is the same: To be a black person you need to do "whatever" and that has to be consistent with how we are or you're a sellout/uncle Tom.

I think it cuts both ways. Successful minorities have to ballance being succesful and fighting for a world that doesn't see race as anything other than a genetic marking, but then if they don't tout their herritage enough the way the community thinks, they are criticized. You can't have all these things that make you a distinct people and then complain about not being accepted.

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