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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
I just wanted to make one point and then I'm out....

You don't even have to look at Europe or Asia. You can just look at the US itself, and consider that the states with the higher violent crime rates tend to be the more religious ones.

Here are the top religious states and their violent crime per 100k residents

1) Mississippi 306.7
2) Alabama 459.9
3) Arkansas 530.3
4) Lousiana 628.4 (New Orleans of course-maybe diff since Katrina)
5) Tennessee 666 (that is a fitting number)
6) South Carolina 675.10
42)Conneticut 300.5
43) Maine 119.9
44) Massachusetts 465.6
45) Alaska 632.6
46) Vermont/NH 135.1

Some states were added together.

Besides the crazyness of Alaska, many of the safest states are much different then the ones that are religious. Maine, Vermont, Conn and New Hampshire do not have many urban areas.
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