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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I think our country has more of a religious history, more built on the principals of that religion. Then also I believe in the EU they aren't the melting pot as much as we are. It's not easy mixing together all these different cultures, different religions, different socio economic conditions into a smooth running country.

Look at France they are starting to have a lot of problems. Mostly because as the immigrant population grows and economy is stagnant you get problems.

Obviously it takes more the school prayer. But you can't argue as America gets less religious we are also getting more violent. A lot of those European countries people hold up for example dont let immigrants in unless they have money. Hard to compare then to us. How about we stick to comapring countries with at least 150 million people. Way more logical IMO.
I am sorry but almost every study done regarding violance and religious beliefs have proven that to be false

If anything there tends to be a positive correlation of violence within a population and religious belief
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