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Originally Posted by tesnyde View Post
I didn't bring up other countries. It was already on the table and I was just responding. See posts 28, 35, 38, and 39. I'm trying to understand the boundaries stated in your post and projected at me but I don't. My point was is a shared human problem, and in reference to your statement, regardless of quantifiable data, frequency, or other numbers, it's an international epidemic with real people that is happening in many countries. Schools world wide are facing issues about safety. Parents send their most precious possessions to people in my role and I take that very serious, as well as other educators regardless of borders. Countries' education systems are always compared and rated against each other in all areas including safety and academics but usually without all the facts. I was adding facts to help develop a better understanding.

I work with SROs and other principals everyday, I have presented at conferences with them, and we spend time studying these tragedies, particularly Columbine and Beslan, and go through table top exercises. We know this is a problem that victimizes people across bounderies, cultures, and varying degrees of gun laws. Its complex and each time is gut wrenching.
I'm also in education and hold Masters Degrees in Secondary Language Arts Curriculum and Educational Administration. I wasn't "projecting" anything at you per se (sorry if it appeared as though I was). It was meant as a general statement about the immediacy of the tragedies and how people instantly try to fit the context of the situation to their own political agendas and belief systems (again something I'm not accusing you of, but just in a general sense.) I agree that it's a "shared human problem," but there are a number of variables that make this problem much more prevalent in this country than others. I'm so upset/angry about this particular shooting (as I'm sure everyone here is) that I don't want to engage in a discussion about the social complexities or get into a debate, because at this point I think it minimizes the immediate tragedy itself.

Thank you for your service as an educator. Today was tough one.
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