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Worth noting, none of those kids in China died, only wounded. Terrible incident to be sure, proof there are sick people all over, but we also have a clear case of two men setting out to kill a bunch of kids, only one of them had access to a semi-automatic.

Guns are simply many many times more effective at killing people than knives. Ignoring this fact, even if you do ultimately come down on the side of defending current gun rights, is insane. When a sick person has an outburst and decides to attack a school in a country where it is hard to access guns vs a country that does everything it can to make that easy...the results speak for themselves.
Guns may be more effective but I could also hit a farm store buy a 50 gallon drum of fertilizer and mix with diesel fuel and create quite the bomb. It's failed parenting and sick people that kill people not guns, knives etc.
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