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Originally Posted by mkporter View Post

1) We really need to put a lot more emphasis (and a lot less stigma) on mental health care in this country. Seeing a therapist should be as normal as seeing your primary care physician. I have been seeing one regularly for the past year or so, and it has been very helpful, although I still feel some shame for doing so. (Even though I understand there is no reason for that) Most of these horrific incidents could have been averted had these people sought/been provided help.
I recently heard about a kid who is about 10. His parents cannot handle him, and his teachers are having major problems dealing with him. He's not a big kid, but he bullies everybody. The kid has even threatened teachers. When the father gets on his case, the kid gives the father the evil eye, and has even threatened him. The kid is on meds, but the parents can't really afford anything more. The person telling me the story, who is in med school, said that this kid has the make up of a future criminal.

It's kind of scary. We really don't know who we are dealing with.
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