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Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
Oh I get the import, but it's still cynical and simplistic. Humans aren't rats, and while the economic sustainability is deplorable, I'm not sure that the close quarters of people had much to do with the shooting. Perhaps in our growing number we can neglect the margins and let crazy grow unfettered, but that's a shame not erased by the fact there are too many of us.

That said, yes, I generally agree, things are ****ed.
No. We're not rats. Our reactions are probably far more complex, and maybe more individualized, but the guy who shot up the mall in Oregon the other day was another twenty something who had reached a dead end. No doubt we'll hear the same thing about this guy, that all his friends are shocked, he's never done anything violent, and nobody foresaw him doing such a thing.

Our society is not working.
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