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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Actually, it was based on a study of rats in 1962. When you place a number of rats in an environment that can easily sustain them, it is a peaceable kingdom. As you add more rats, they become crazier and crazier until finally, with enough rats, the entire social fabric disintegrates and they resort to murder and cannibalism.

We have a whole generation of twenty somethings now, many of whom are finding out that the economy has no place for them, there are no jobs, and they have no value. Expect more of this, not less.
Oh I get the import, but it's still cynical and simplistic. Humans aren't rats, and while the economic sustainability is deplorable, I'm not sure that the close quarters of people had much to do with the shooting. Perhaps in our growing number we can neglect the margins and let crazy grow unfettered, but that's a shame not erased by the fact there are too many of us.

That said, yes, I generally agree, things are ****ed.
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