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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
You really think someone that did this will be stopped if you made guns illegal? Killing people is illegal too.
We don't know the details, but yes, I think making access more difficult to weapons that can kill with ease would curb killing. I'm not suggesting banning guns, but certainly semi-automatic, and concealable weapons shouldn't be available at your local gun show. It's a slippery slope no matter where we draw the line in legality of weaponry, but I think we can make sensible policy without giving up our second amendment rights.

We don't know how deeply the murderous desire runs in any individual, but making killing more difficult can only help that desire run out before it results in more death.

It's important to note that often the people responsible for these kinds of mass shootings were not criminals before hand. And we often find a track record of pleas for help...

Look, alternatively, I'd love to have robust, public mental health access for everyone, but that will be expensive and this a generalization, but usually those who fight for gun rights the most rabidly, also don't care for taxes or social welfare. If we want to allow easy access to dangerous weapons, let's have a more access to mental health care.

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