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alfred e numan

Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
It's the end-result of a culture that embraces violence as a positive quality. We fight wars and wave flags. Our biggest movies are *about* violence. Our video games are by and large *about* violence. When I think about the world I was raised in, it's stunning.

So you put someone who is mentally on edge in that culture and then give them easy access to guns. What happens next is no surprise.
this never happen when i went to school 1972-86.
there was a shooting at mcdonalds way back then some postal shootings.but nothing never like this, and dont go blaming video games i play shooters and other video games since 85 i never went postal, VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT TO BLAME nor are TV SHOWS .
the shooter or shooters are evil son of a b****es and need to be put to death so very slowly.
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