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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post

As long as the 'disturbed' have easy access to guns, these horrific incidents will continue. If the mentally unstable in Europe had guns, we might be reading about similar incidents.

To put it in perspective, in 1979, when I arrived here, N Ireland's terrorist campaigns were in full swing and it was basically a war zone. Houston, which had a similar population size, had four times the murder rate.

That same year in the UK, which had a population of 52 million, there were six handgun murders. To this day, the beat cop still doesn't need to carry guns.

So yes, I believe the easy access to guns does explain many of these incidents. And why do we need to allow automatic weapons? That is unconscionable.
Without guns then it just as easliy could be a gallon of gas and match, banning guns, knives or forks will not stop someone from doing bad things..

BTW getting a guns is not like walking in the grocery store and picking one up.. there are checks and balances involved already.. Obviously not enough..
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