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Ryan Lanza ID’d As Newtown School Shooting Gunman

The Newtown school shooting suspect has been identified as Ryan Lanza, and a “likely Facebook page” for the alleged gunman has been located.

Ryan Lanza lists his hometown as Newtown, but indicates he most recently resided in Hoboken. CNN and Slate have identified Lanza as the probable gunman, and the man’s Facebook page simply displays a photo with a friend’s comment:

“Look like you’re about to buy an Ale, but then paint a picture of it… very mixed… all good, though. Kinda like if Solid Snake was wearing a Neo trenchcoat. This can only turn out awesome.”
Earlier reports that the gunman was a father of a Sandy Hook Elementary student appear to have been erroneous, but Lanza’s connection to the school has not yet been revealed.
Little is known about how Lanza was identified as the shooter or on what information news stations are basing reports on, but initial reports also indicate that a parent of the alleged gunman was found dead at another location.

Below is the Facebook picture for alleged gunman Ryan Lanza:
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