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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
What I find hilarious is the first comment at the bottom of that article. The guy is still complaining about $25 parking. $25? Really?

Pats parking is $45-50 anywhere near Gillette stadium. And California in theory is supposed to be even more expensive a market. $25 is bargain parking as far as I'm concerned. I doubt any other NFL stadium charges less than that.
You have to compare the size. Chargers probably has the biggest parking lot of all metro stadiums. They charged $10 just a few years back and jumped to $20 then $25 within a few years. His complaint is that people are hurting and paying $25 just to park takes a lot of money out of the situation to go to the game. There is $10 and $15 near that stadium but there isn't much nearby if your plan is to tailgate.
SD has an old stadium with yardage seats being in the ballpark of Oakland for farthest distance to field. They charge $100 for a seat that cost $77 in Denver. That stadium just needs to be renovated to a football stadium but right now the remaining look of the Padres' Jack Murphy Stadium still exist.

Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
If you can afford to live in San Diego, you can afford the $25 parking...
Says the guy from Topeka, Kansas where homes starting price is $25.
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