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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
You don't have to "choose" to be racially cognitive. There is NOTHING wrong with identifying youself as something other then a color or race. You can't get on TW because he, as you say, doesn't do anything "black". What do black people do that TW should? Tell us. Remember, this is a guy growing up and playing GOLF, usually among 99% white players, or asian. Back when TW grew up there wasn't many black people playing golf, not that there is now either but more so when he was young. We are who we socialize and work with. You are influenced by those you are around mostly, that's not rocket science. Just because a black guy has a white GF or wife, has white friends, doesn't mean he isn't "black". What is "black". Obviously TW still has the same skin color. What does TW need to do in your eyes that would make him more "black". Tell us.
I'm not saying that Tiger needs to act "black." I don't even think that there is such a thing. I have more in common with an educated white person than a black person who fits the description of what a lot of people think a black person is, which is hood.

If Tiger simply showed acknowledgement that he is a part of the African American race, and be proud of it, then he'd be good in my book. That is in no way to say that he should ignore the other ethnic group(s) that he is a part of.
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