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Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
Do you know Tiger? Why cast judgment on him if you don't know anything more than what you've seen in the media? The whole idea of challenging someone's 'blackness' is foolish, arrogant, and a textbook example of racism. The fact that a black person is casting those aspersions is not only those things, but as ironic as the day is long.
Obviously I don't know Tiger Woods personally. We don't know any of these celebrities personally, but we pass judgment on them all the time for various things.

When there is a group that is not thought highly of, and then a person from that group does something great which makes that group proud, and then that person shuns that group, that group is going to have issues with that person. Why would anybody think that group wouldn't have an issue with that? That's just human nature.
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