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I think some of you guys are picking with your hearts and not your head. Why would you think young Colin and the 49'ers can go into NE and beat them? Explain.
I also went with NE, but I can see an argument that sells me on at least the Niners putting up a fight.

First, NE. Yes, they crushed ass last week. But it was last week.
Tony Dungy once made a great statement that I love to repeat: (paraphrasing) "A team losing by big points is rarely as awful as they seemed, and a team who won by big points is rarely that awesome". My point is that I do not think the disparity between NE and Houston is nearly as much as that game showed us.

San Fran - If they get forced by NE to get into a shootout, they will have problems. But their gig to winning over the last several years has been just not to lose. Play ball control, get turnovers, and fight for field position. Colin is young and low XP. But if Harbaugh gets his way, Colin won't have to win the game, he will just have to not-lose it.
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