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I'd say that this is a very interesting topic.

I wouldn't question RG3's "blackness" because I don't know much about him other than he's a great football player, and he is a really smart guy. I really don't have an issue with him dating a white woman, and that shouldn't be used to question his "blackness."

I am all for RG3 saying that he doesn't want to be compared to other black quarterbacks, that he wants to be the best quarterback period. The goal isn't to be the best black anything. It's to be the best out of everybody.

Now if RG3 went the Tiger Woods route, that would rub me the wrong way, because it seems like Woods doesn't want any part of being black. Yes he's mixed, but a whole lot of black people are mixed. I have no problem with him promoting the other races that he is, but I just always had the feeling that he wanted nothing to do with "blackness". I heard a story that when he was younger somebody dropped an N bomb on him and he wanted no part of that. So I have never been a fan of him. The guy is about my skin color, but it seems like he doesn't want anything to do with the positives of the culture that I grew up in. So screw that guy. At this point I wouldn't lump RG3 in with Woods.

On the topic of RG3 being considered an "oreo" or "whitewashed" because he speaks correctly and is extremely smart (he had a really high college GPA if I'm remembering right), that bothers me right there. I think that the black race is usually defined by the lower end of the race. That is partly our fault, because education is not valued enough, and there are a lot of uneducated black folks who think there is something wrong with the educated black folks. Like we're trying to be white or something.

The thing that bothers me is that I get the feeling that people think that a black person like myself, who is educated, has a full time job, is raising my son, and speaks and acts correctly, is rare. Like there aren't a lot of black folks like me. There are a whole lot of black kids growing up like the Cosby Show. We're not all growing up like Good Times. Watching the Fab 5 documentary annoyed me when Jalen Rose made negative comments about Grant Hill, just because Hill had a better upbringing.

I'm a member of a few black organizations, and one that is only for people who went to college. Just about all of my friends are from this organization or one just like it, and all of us are more like RG3 than Lil Wayne. But when people think of black men, they'll think of a Lil Wayne type. Or a thug. That does annoy me. Like the Chris Rock Joke, when somebody said Colin Powell speaks so well. Well WTF did you think he was going to speak jive? lol

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox after this one final story. I was at an event with about a few hundred guys from the organization that I'm a member of (a good 95% of these guys are black). One guy started to feel ill, so somebody yells out "is there a doctor here?" About 30 hands went up. We all got a good chuckle out of that. If the guy needed a lawyer, another 30 hands would have gone up.
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