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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
a) Cam Newton is a middle of the pack NFL QB. If you have any evidence to refute that, post it.
b) The 2012 class of DT's isn't as good as the 2013 class of DT's (and the 2012 class wasn't great). Name one elite DT coming out this year. I'd classify every single one of them as 2nd round talent.
c) Normal people don't care about race, only racists do. It's a broad statement, but generally true.
(A) You keep changing your argument. I was addressing your point that Newton isn't good enough to carry a terrible team to the playoffs. I never made a claim on where Newton stands in regards to others in the league.

(B) Are you kidding me? WTF? Star Lotulelei could be the #1 overall pick. Hankins, Short and the Williams Duo are probably all going in the first round. This pretty much illustrates that your knowledge regarding college football is a complete sham. (But we already knew that.)

(C) Singapore Healthcare Level Fail. Then again, you thought Romney was going to be the big winner.
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