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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
No expert medical opinion, but let's not be naive here, another week would most likely benefit him. I highly doubt he's all the way back to 100%, HIGHLY DOUBT THAT. I know the coaches and medical staff will do what's right, that's their job. This is a forum, where we discuss OUR opinion. But will an 80% Kuper has a better chance at aggrivating the same injury then would a 95% Kuper.

Honestly, I would suit him up but wouldn't start him. See how the game unfolds, if it's tight and we need him, march him out there. If it's going well for us on offense, sit him out, it can only help him.
According to dedhead's post above, Fox said Kuper would have played last week had it not been a short week. That tells me that he's already gotten the extra week of rest/healing that you're essentially proposing and that he's where he needs to be health-wise to play and play well. Add to that the fact that we need him this week more than any other and the decision is simple IMO.
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